Hai Long company was funded in july 2006 with the name " Hai Long limited company ".

         In july 2009, with the approval of peopele's Commitee of BRVT province, Hai Long company changed their business type into Hai Long Seafood Joint Stock Company.

         The company has two manufacturing departments with the toal area of about 14.500 m2 and the toal number of emploeess of 450 persons, total 20 presons

       Department I : CODE : DL 267

        Specialize in processing all kinds of fileet fish, octopus, Cuttelfish, Whole fish.

        Department II : CODE : DL 92 Specialize in purchasing, manufacturng and exporting all kinds of frozen Surimi products.

       The Surimi products of Hai Long Seafood Jont Stock Company were ex proted to a lot markets such as Tawan, Korea, Thailand, China , .... Whith toal annual turnover of about USD 14 to 15 million in appropriate with exporting produc-tion of about 7.000 to 8.000 tons of Surimi finished products.

        Established year : 2009

        Organization's type : Joint - stock

        Chairman : Mr. TRAN NGOC THI

        Director: Mr. TA QUOC THAN

        Factory code : DL 92, DL 267

        EU code : DL 92, DL 267

        Applying quality asurance's System : HACCP

       Capital : USD 2.5 million

       Market share(%)

             . KOREA                                                                            :              40 %

             . TAIWAN                                                                           :              10 %

             . JAPAN                                                                             :               40 %

             . Other markets ( THAILAND, CHINA,...)                          :               10 %

         Main products : FROZEN SURIMI

           Purchasing areas of Raw material : Vung Tau, Kien Giang, Binh Thuan, Ben Tre,...Raw material purchasing (%) : Through Broker: 100%

Distance from fishing port to factory:

                        Longest distance from Supplier to the factory: 500 km

                        Nearest distance from Supplier to the factory: 15 km